Evan Spain Hobbs, J.D., LL.M.

Evan Spain Hobbs, J.D., LL.M.

Trusts, Estates, Business and Tax

Trusts, Estates, Business and Tax

Legal Services


Trusts: Dispute Resolution and Risk Management

Advising lawyers in disputes involving:

  • construction, reformation, modification or termination of a trust;
  • fiduciary duties; and
  • breach of trust or unjust enrichment.

Providing lay clients, individual and corporate trustees, accountants and lawyers with:

  • independent advice on trust formation, beneficial interests and rights, and trust administration and investments; and
  • an experienced "second set of eyes" for drafters and trust counsel.


Other Legal Services

Assisting clients with:

  • estate planning;
  • formation and governance of business entities; 
  • securities offerings; 
  • sales or acquisitions of businesses; 
  • agency relationships; 
  • formation and qualification of 501(c)(3) organizations;  
  • tax compliance and planning; 
  • uncontested probate; and
  • transfers to minors and custodial trusts.


About Evan Spain Hobbs

Evan's 35 years of professional experience include services as:

  • a business lawyer handling securities offerings, SEC reporting, contracts and transactions;
  • a trust lawyer for individuals, families and corporate trustees; 
  • an advisor to litigators in complex, large-sum trust disputes;
  • a bank trust officer, administering multi-million dollar trusts with a broad range of assets; and
  • a visiting professor at the UNM School of Law, teaching courses in trust law, estate planning, business planning and partnership tax.

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